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About PC Advisor
Dear PC Advisor
How do you know when your computer needs repair???       Computer slowing down?... Can’t get on the Internet?       Computer locks up?...  Programs unresponsive?            Programs delay for several seconds before responding?             Getting blue or black screen when booting? Other times?            Strange messages or sounds?... Laptop seems too hot?            Or, it just won’t work right?   These are all symptoms that something is wrong!!
My Laptop Won’t Start. How To Perform 3 Simple Tests This is the first of a series of articles on how to troubleshoot a computer.  Each of these articles is inspired by phone calls that I have had.  While I always offer to come to the client’s home to check the computer, I try to give some suggestions first to make sure they haven’t missed something simple. Warning: As in all repairs, you should only attempt those things that are in your comfort zone.  
PC Advisor was founded in 1994 by Saul Cohen with the goal of providing computer services to the PC community.  Since its inception PC Advisor has expanded its services to include new computers, remote repairs, Mac repairs,  training, and website development. Check out this site for more information or call for a free consultation at 215-696-5574
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